AND WE KNEW HOW TO DANCE: WOMEN AND WWI will be presented by Heritage York Sunday, August 8 at 2PM, Lambton House, 4066 Old Dundas, York, ON M6S 2R3

It’s been 100 years since the start of the Great War. So it’s timely that the WWI commemoration and Chris award-winning NFB doc,’And We Knew How To Dance: Women and WWI’, is playing at various locations throughout Canada over the next few months. The film features heartwarming stories and interviews with some brave and feisty women who were there, while reflecting on the war and the effect it had on their lives. When they entered the labour force, they were all young and among the first group of women to work outside the home. And they were all between 86 and 100 years old when they were filmed! If you are interested in attending, admission is free: August 10 at 2 PM. Lambton House 4066 Old Dundas, York, ON M6S 2R6