Unveiled: The Mother Daughter Relationship is an entertaining, Genie Award winning documentary that follows three sets of mothers and daughters in the throes of planning and executing a wedding. Rich in vérité style cinematography and complemented by insightful interviews, Unveiled celebrates the relationship by presenting a close-up portrait of mothers and daughters who “tell all” in this candid and honest film.

Sabina and Sheri – Sabina, a divorced 40-something divorce therapist, is not nearly as materially comfortable as her daughter Shari, who is in her early 20’s. Sabina shares a duplex with a friend; Shari owns her house. A relationship of conflicting expectations, disappointment, and bittersweet love, Sabina and Shari are a portrait of extremes.

Ruth and Carline – Carline, a self-reliant young woman, has trouble sharing as much of her life with her mother as Ruth would like. Carline’s ’secrets’ make Ruth feel left out and left alone. And that is driving Ruth around the bend.

Pearl, Rhonda and Heather – Pearl is getting married for the second time (her husband died several years ago). In a role-reversal, her eldest daughter Rhonda acts as her mother’s bridal consultant/confident and shepherds Pearl through the excitement and anxieties by orchestrating many of the plans. A bemused younger daughter, Heather, simply looks on.

Unveiled, a richly textured documentary spiced with humour, pathos, frustration, resentment and love, explores the myths and realities of the relationship and cuts to the heart of the mother/daughter bond.


Distribution: International – National Film Board of Canada Canada – Makin’ Movies Inc. Non-Theatrical – The National Film Board of Canada Broadcasters: TVOntario Commission / W Network / Life Network / SCN / ACCESS / Knowledge Network Producer: Makin’ Movies Inc. in co-production with the National Film Board of Canada

Producers: Maureen Judge, Janis Lundman, Silva Basmajian (NFB)
Director: Maureen Judge