In My Parents’ Basement


In My Parents’ Basement and Family Secrets Streaming Online

In My Parents’ Basement is now available worldwide online on CMF’s ENCORE PLUS YouTube Channel.

Encore Plus YouTube Channel has been set up by the Canada Media Fund to showcase classic Canadian Stories, including a relevant, thoughtful and entertaining selection of Makin’ Movies documentary stories.

In My Parents’ Basement is an intense, humorous, and revealing documentary that explores the stories of three adult children who have returned to their parents’ home to live. Through unpredictable emotional highs and lows, we watch the families grapple with their future dreams, past failures and present struggles.

Family Secrets episodes are also now available worldwide on the CMF’s (Canada Media Fund) ENCORE PLUS YouTube Channel.

The television series which takes viewers on an intensely personal, humorously nervous and emotionally moving journey into the private world of family relationships. Each episode focuses on an individual family whose members have been affected by a life­-changing event.

In My Parents’ Basement

In My Parents' Basement

In My Parents' Basement is available to screen worldwide HERE on Encore Plus YouTube Channel.

With humour, depth and compassion, the award-winning documentary explores the stories of three adult children who have returned to their parents’ home to live. As we watch each of the subjects and their families grapple with living together. Future dreams, past failures and the present struggles of daily life are captured in close-up over a nine-month period of time.

Through conversations, anecdotes, arguments and unpredictable emotional highs and lows, In My Parents’ Basement sheds light in the parent/(adult) child bond and offers insight into the myriad of issues triggered by an adult family living together, once again.

In this darkly humorous hour-long documentary, we meet Bob, an articulate 34 year-old who has lived with his parents for two years and shows no signs of moving out. He struggles with depression, dislikes sunlight, and can’t seem to hold down a job.

Nancy, at age 42, is vulnerable: she was kicked out of her boyfriend’s apartment and can’t afford a place of her own. She’s sharing the basement with her grandmother, while trying to get her pet grooming business off the ground.

Denise and David are a young married couple. They work full time, but have moved in with Denise’s parents to save money for a house. Living with the in-laws, though, has turned them into permanent infants.

In My Parents’ Basement reflects a growing phenomenon in today’s society, and as the documentary unravels, it becomes painfully clear that being a parent or a child is a lifelong calling that requires superhuman patience, compassion, and strength.


Current Broadcaster - CMF's Encore Plus YouTube Channel

Original Broadcaster: TVO Commission / CBC / SCN / ACCESS
Producer/Director: Maureen Judge

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Television - makin' movies 
Canadian Educational: MacIntyre Media
U.S. Educational: Alexander Street Press