Mom's Home

Nominated for two Gemini Awards – the Donald Brittain award and Best Documentary Editing Award, Mom’s Home is a compassionate, humorous and tension-filled documentary about aging mothers and their grown daughters moving in together. The film telescopes in on mothers and daughters in the autumn of their relationship, still wrestling with all their conflicting emotions, difficulties and sometimes ill-fated commitment to do ‘what’s best’.

Mom’s Home follows the stories of three mother daughter pairs who confront the issue of Mom moving in and living with her daughter, triggered by a father/husband’s death, a degenerative illness, loneliness and isolation or cultural tradition. It intimately documents the myriad of social adjustments and changing expectations that come into play when the mothers and daughters find their roles reversed and Mom becomes reliant on her adult daughters.

Mom’s Home is entertaining and provocative and will capture the hearts and minds of all those viewers who are in the process of coming to terms with their aging mothers. The stories will also resonate with the audience’s fears about themselves – What’ll happen to me when I get old? How will I cope? And their children will be drawn to watching the recognizable family dramas as the film cuts through the mire of the mother/daughter bond.

Distribution: Makin’ Movies Inc.
Broadcaster: (for broadcast in 2010) TVO, Knowledge Network, SCN, stv (Scotland)

Producer/Director: Maureen Judge


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