Living Dolls

'Living Dolls is a gem.'

             -Jim Bawden, TV Critic

Living Dolls is an up-­close and playful look at the weirdly wonderful world of doll collectors – these people are  anything  but  plastic. The documentary introduces us to the quirky and colourful characters that collect all types of dolls and features individuals whose normal lives – with jobs, families and friends – are ultimately shaped by their obsession.

You’ll meet a young married mother who spends way more money than the family earns to feed her habit; a Barbie-­‐loving 30-­‐something man who never left home; an artist and animator who transforms fashion dolls into robots for an epic robot-­‐porn film he’s worked on for years; and a married man who believes his love dolls give him the best of both sex and art.

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