Family Secrets

Family secrets is available for online streaming worldwide HERE on Canada's Encore Plus YouTube Channel.

Family Secrets is a 13-part Gold Remi Award winning documentary series. Described by critics as, ‘…astonishingly intimate…’, ‘…gritty and naked and true…’ and ‘…without a doubt haunting…’, the shows focus on individual families whose members have been affected by a life-changing event. At the core of each program is an honest, expressive and vulnerable individual who explores the complexity of his or her family ties.

Filmed in a vérité style that combines observational filming with informal interviews, home movies and personal photos, Family Secrets is a raw, compelling and honest account of the impact of secrets on families and their lives.

Executive Producer/Producer – Maureen Judge
Directors – Catherine Anneau, Katherine Gilday, Maureen Judge, Naomi Wise, Alan Zweig

Selected episodes airing worldwide on Encore Plus  

(Birth Mothers Never Forget, When Nobody's Looking, Love Behind Bars, Second Helping, Looking for 7's, Erase the Day)

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