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On heels of the CSA Award, My Millennial Life wins a Gold Medal at New York Festivals for Documentary

My Millennial Life is a Gold Medal winner in Documentary at the 2017 New York Festivals, Film & Television Awards.

Big thanks go out to the millennials — Hope, Meron, James, Emily, Kirsty, Tim and Mark — who gave their time and shared their stories, my producing partner Charlotte Engel (Rock Yenta Productions), and to production team who participated in the making of the film.

The film could not have been made without the generous support of our broadcaster TVO, Bell Fund, Rogers Documentary Fund, CMF, iChannel, and the Canadian Federal and Provincial Tax Credits.

My Millennial Life

Hope in NYC 

MY MILLENNIAL LIFE is a new documentary from award-winning filmmaker Maureen Judge, in association with TVO.

This project is currently in-production and looks at  20-somethings as they enter today’s workforce,  where the employment landscape for millennial generation is often bleak and uncertain.

The observational documentary follows individuals in the midst of transitioning into the  ‘real world’ of jobs, money, relationships and responsibilities, and explores their attitudes, relationships, dreams, obstacles and successes. 

My Millennial Life echoes and amplifies the hopes and longings of a generation; a generation wanting to make its mark on society, while learning today’s life lessons along the way.