And We Knew How To Dance

Chris Award winner,  And We Knew How to Dance presents a unique record of Canada’s ‘other veterans’. Twelve Canadian women, aged between 86 and 101, recall their entry onto what had formerly been a ‘man’s world’ of munitions factories and farm labour.

As nurses and ambulance drivers they came dangerously close to the battlefields. Seldom seen archival film, and still photographs document and illustrate the loving recollections and memories of these extraordinary survivors.

This film celebrates their wartime accomplishments and suggests that their commitment and determination helped lead the way to momentous postwar social changes for women such as voting rights and expanded opportunities in their working lives – changes that solidified the early gains of the women’s rights movement in Canada.

Distribution: The National Film Board of Canada
Broadcasters: CBC / A&E History / History / TVOntario / WTN(WNetwork) / ACCESS / Knowledge Network
Producer: Silva Basmajian, The National Film Board of Canada
Director: Maureen Judge